NH-VT District UPCI 

NH - VT District Ministries 

Daniel McAllister

Secretary: John Tremblay

Director:     Stephen James

Director:   JT Keller


Secretary:  Wayne Swearingin

Director:  Christopher Nelson
President: Renee Hinton

Secretary: Michelle McAllister
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Coordinator:    Tammy Griggs
President:    Brandon Karugu

Secretary:    David Beaudoin
President:    Tammy Griggs

Secretary:    Jonathan Howe 
Minister of Comfort:   
David Howe
Tracy Swearingin
Coordinator:   William Wilcox
NH - VT  District  Focus Cities Outreach
North American Missions 
Rev. J.T. Keller, Director NAM
        NH-VT District UPCI  
I am honored to serve the NH/VT District as it’s NAM Director. Many years ago when God first called me into the ministry, He told me I would start churches. I had no idea what roads God would lead me down to bring me to this point. I do feel that serving in North American Missions is helping fulfill that call. I desire to help prospective church planters fulfill their calling and enter their harvest fields all while assisting them to be prepared to bring in His harvest. My family and I know what it is to step out on faith and accept a call to plant. Moving into a city with such an immense need was so overwhelming all the while so fulfilling. 


Our district has such a great need, so many cities, towns, villages and territories without an apostolic presence. I pray that men and women both young and old would feel a call and a burden to step out into the realm of faith and allow God to lead them to their NEXT Town and plant a church. 

The thought of planting a church seems so overwhelming, something only others could possibly do. It starts with a burden, put into action by teaching a Bible study, growing in love as we disciple a soul. That process will multiply and before we know it, something has manifested before our eyes as a group of souls has gathered together. The book of acts shows us if we are faithful and we follow His plan he will add to the church!

Yes, to know that I am called by God!

The whole gospel,
to the whole world,
by the whole church.